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Thursday, July 14, 2005  
jet lag is a silly silly betch
so i'm STILL in the process of preparing the pix for my PI vacay update. there are A LOT of pix to put up...not to mention the ones i still need to get developed and i still need to get pix from other ppl too. but for now...i'm awake @ 10:00am in the morning....and that is WITHOUT sleep. the wonderful works of jetlag.
on other news: my computer isn't working...idk why...but i'm not at all surprised...for those of u who know me well...i dont have much luck w/ my computer...or w/ any kind of electronic device 4 that matter...
u know what sux?: not havin a job! i need some source of cash flow!!!
back 2 skool: so this whole nursing thing is kinda scaring me...i'm excited n all..but like really really just hit me recently that i'm going to be VERY VERY m.i.a. this year...aint that a betch
k..this is all 4 now...i'm g2g find something else to relieve this boredom of mine =P okbye

9:56 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005  


so i am, by some act of...i dunno..boredom? UPDATING this blogger of mine. why u ask? well, as i just mentioned out of BOREDOM n also b/c i just got back from an awesome vacation n the PI....

this is just an update to say that i will be further updating later on this week, not only w/ WORDS...but also w/ PICK-A-TURES!!! and for those of u who know me well..u kno that i do not update often let alone put up pix...i'm not that computer these blogs are seldom n rare =P

okay...update w/ words AND pictures to come soon!!!

peace out,


1:58 AM

Thursday, August 19, 2004  


[The Cruise]
In early June, my family along w/ like 40 some other ppl went on a cruise on the EXPLORER OF THE SEAS (royal carribean) to the West Cayman Islands. Belize was the first stop where we went snorkling by a nearby island where we drank COMPLIMENTARY RUM PUNCH...aka FREEE!! That was definitly not a good idea...haha...cuz we were a mess for dinner. Next stop Costa Maya, which is where i got my HORRID racerback looked bad guys. Literally looked like i was wearing a white racerback tank on my black black skin. It was also here that we BIKED FOR 3 MILES kayaked and then rode back teh 3miles...yeah..we PAID to work out. Wednesday was cozumel, where a few of us girls hung out @ the beach. This is where i tried to even out my tan to no avail. Add that dilemma to the fact that it was formal dinner that night, and you got an emergency application of self-tanner=) Day 4 brought us to the Grand Cayman where snorkled again and saw many colorful fish and a shipwreck. FYI: our dollar is worth less than Cayman money....that definitely sucked. BUT! The Grand Cayman is known for it's wonderful turtle farms. Sadly i didnt run into any turtles. All in all it was all a good time, and the best part was Dizzy's Night club where we salsa-d till the place closed...and who can forget the "chamber"

snorkeling in belize

our cruise ship- EXPLORER OF THE SEAS

the older girls of the cruise group....we're lookin right..we look dumb =P

our dinner table (the night i applied self-tanner to my racerback)

THIS WAS OUR GROUP...we werent hard to find

[she's 20]
The next thing that pops into my mind would have to be kc's 20th bday!!! Girl was messed. But it was fun and lots of memories made. You're in troulbe next year tho girl. Wait...i'm in trouble even soooner...oh nooo. We had a girls night out before it all tho. I was broke as a joke afterwards but it was all worth being sex in the city-ish =) Here are more pix for your viewing pleasure.


whoa-sanna and me

burfday girl and kat

sex in the city girls!

group pic-a-ture

[new beginnings]
Along w/ kc's celebration. Miss Kat moved into her new abode in chicago as well. It's tyte. Chilled there a few times, which reminds me of the Chicago Dance Festival. Her, Neil, Jb, and me all went one day. Lots of dancing, beverages, and for me sleeeping. But i must say...thank you SANGRIA. (sorry now pix ) Kat also baught a new dog, who's name is jane, but i like to call her jing. idk why? i just do. she's cute as hell- a PUGLE. awwww. too bad i got her pee on me=P

dont got pix of her apt...but here's a puggle that looks like her janey =P

dance festival soon took a back seat to BORDOS tho, where jb n neil have been dj' cover+bowtie pasta+fried calamri= one happy camper

group pic @ bordos (who are those lozers in the back?)

OH!'s these kace...we're not them

dj neil

[clothes, shopping, debt]

i dont think i need to explain much here cuz it's all in the title. just know that i have more clothes from much much much unecessary shopping which has led to a slight debt situation which inevitably got me in mad search for a job. I NEED CASH FLOW PPL...CASH FLOW...i'll start a fundraiser for my broke ass.

here's s shirt i bought

i didnt get these exact pair..buti did get new red pumas =P

good ol' sonic...gotta love it


ading w/ his sweet

bullz eye baybeee

an almost complete family pic-a-ture

a group pic are u laughing at...look @ the camera!

they sing acapella

rodle and me doing a part of my "uglee dance collection"

ahhh. and here it is- the AMERICAN IDOL TOUR review....i'm goin to make mine as short as possible. for full AI TOUR MOLINE reviews please see
daryl's review
which is a very delightful read =) as for me, all i have to say is this: we met jasmine's dad who gave us 2 backstage passes which allowed me to meet some of the idols, but most importanly camile and jasmine. they both saw us during the concert in our green shirts, rasta bands, neon posters and PI flag. cant gett better than that....oh but wait..IT DID. we met jasmine up close again at their tour bus where we took an awesome group pic w/ daryl's camera that jasmine "caressed" it can't get better than that...OH BUT WAIT...IT DID..

i went to the chicago AI TOUR too!!..w/ my parents and ading erwin. we sat 7th row (we could see their sweat!!) saw jasmine's dad again. camile waved @ us during her first act, and jasmine yelled MABUHAY...oh daaang. at the end i jumped like crazy for my girl camile (i sound like a loser right now i know) but guess what...UP YOURS..cuz she pointed at me and said "haha...i seee youuu" yah...bam bazookz joe...can it get better than that?...just a lil bit actually...becuuuuz


we went to steph and jenny all went to stl so i can try out for AI4. i sang bohemian rhapsody- fugee version. i kinda lost my voice from the ai3 concert so i drank lots of tea to help me out. but yeah..i got cut..hahahaha...all good...I'LL MAKE IT SOMEDAY...YOU'LL SEE...YOU'LL ALLLL SEEE" (<-- where's that from?!) while in stl we saw the arch w/ fireworks in the background...which gave jenny SUCH A GREAT FEEEELING!!..hahaha then we also got to chill w/ twan and jz...good times...and good roast beef sandwiches =) here's AI3 related pleasures...i mean pic-a-tures..i mean ..wutever..just look

here's us w/ good ol' jasmine's dad tito rudy

rock the rasta

awww..that's my homegurl camile...

and here's homegurl jasmine doin' her thaaang

the autographed photo tito rudy gave us

camile n ading

jas n me (i sitll have to scan my pic w/ camile)

la toya and jas(they're SHORT)

here's us w/ jas at the tour bus =)

here's a cool pic of the ai3 ladies

neolani (jas'sister) and divina (camile's lil siter)...awww i wanna keep them

we begin the drive to st. road to fame

jenny..."it's such a great feeling!" ...oh effingham

drivin into the night

the stadium that will bring me fame

gettin ready for bed

it's a human blanket...oh the ai experience

that's me...the american nice of them to make a sign

the crowd of ppl that think they stand a chance

twan n john drinking to my misery (i got cut =\)

it took a lot to put that smile on all our faces..we were all devastated

on twan rooftop

OoO..angels disturbing stl from up HIGH...oOo

[being home]
being home has been great. ive been able to spend time w/ my home fries and w/ my familia. too be honest the time apart has been good for me. while u dont exactly stay in touch w/ ppl i've discovered that the friendships that pick up right where they left off are genuine. and a lesson that should always be so easy to learn about relationships and friendhsips has made it's re-apperance as well- some ppl like you, some ppl dont. there are ppl u'll get a long with and there are some u wont. i've decided to as much as possible surround myself with the ones that bring out the best in me. and for the others, i will let them be a test to my character. but man...sometimes ppl make it soo goddaym hard

to make a long frustrating story short- i didnt get in. but before u "aww" and say ur "sorries" just let me say that i think it's for the best. thanx for all ur best wishes and prayers, but in the end this is what was meant to be. i have more time now to "prepare" myself for nursing now. i'll be able to volunteer, do cna, and work over the next year which will make me more ready for next fall than i would have ever been if i were to start NEXT WEEK. so yeah. for the wonder-ers...i'm cool...i'll be a nurse sooner or later...that will also be makin it in HOLLYWOOD =P

that's all for now..thanx for stopping by...

ttylaters foooolz

i'm out


4:23 PM

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